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Hidden Sword

The boy who wished to get the strongest sword heard the story about the greatest blacksmith.
There's a blacksmith who forges the weapons that even drop the sky and break the earth.
One said that the blacksmith lives in the forest, while another said he lives underground.
The boy chose the road to the cave.

The blacksmith he found looked very much like a dwarf.
The dwarf gave him the sword made of rock and told him.
"The invincible blade is hidden inside the rock.
The rock will crumble every time you brandish it."

The boy wielded the sword constantly, the enemies fell under his feet, and many tales were made.
He stared at the brilliant light of the blade visible through small cracks he made.
The boy became a man, full blade was revealed, and no one could stand against him.

The swordsman returned to the dwarf and thanked him for the invincible sword.
The blacksmith rejoiced his achievement, and told him the truth.
"That sword has no invincible power. Your ceaseless effort and training made normal sword invincible."

The swordsman went furious for he was deceived for decades, and rushed at the blacksmith.
The blacksmiths swung his hammer in a flurry and confusion, and killed the swordsman.

The story of the Ingratitude Swordsman is still being passed down.